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Mon. Jul 13th 2015
The Brewerton Fire Department is looking for new members to join our family. We have different types of Membership from Associate to full Firefighter. Here are different types of membership we have:...
Past Chief's
Past Chiefs:




Scott Leavery
Rob Zacholl
2010-2011Duane Otis
2007-2009Michael J. Stassi
2004-2007Marshall Shupe
2000-2003Don Mackey
1993-1999Rick Mutter
1989-1992Bob Fleming
1985-1988John Hart
1981-1984Curt Majo
1979-1980Chet Hains
1978Jerry Stevens
1974-1977Carl Loerzel
1973Ken Glazier
1972Bill Comstock
1969-1971Ken Glazier
1967-1968Ralph Hanley
1965-1966Ken Glazier
1963-1964Gerald F. Muckey
1961-1962Eugene Nichols
1960Dick Turnbull
1956-1959Chuck Rogers
1952-1955Millard Rogers
1945-1951Leo Post
1942-1944Bill Hand
1939-1941Henry Searles
1935-1938Jack Rogers
1921-1922Albert C. Woods


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